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Nikko was founded already in 1958 and many of you might have enjoyed playing with a radio controlled toy. Those might even have been a Nikko!

We would love to see videos of YOUR Nikko in action!

So, become part of our Nikko Test Squad and upload a video or photo of your vintage (or new ;) ) Nikko!

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Latest videos

  • Minotaure


    Ancien client Nikko, j\’avais une minotaure/déceptor.

    Je ne l\’ai plus en ma possession (je l\’ai offerte au fils de bons amis il y a…

  • Nikko amateur racing track

    Greetings from Hungary in a small village: Nagyhegyes. We did a race track to our cars Nikko.


  • Frame-Buggy Off Road Special

    25 years later and it still runs like a dream. Just had to buy a new 6cell battery pack. Now my son (Darwin 5) can…

  • Challenger V modified

    Vintage Challenger V modified with new electronics.

  • On board/Caméra embarquée Dictator 2 Brushless

    Premiers tests avec la caméra embarquée et les moteurs brushless